Have you recently been researching straight edge razors and want to buy one for yourself? They are becoming a very popular shaving tool for men to use at home since they offer a number of advantages. From offering a close shave to reducing redness and itching, if you have not bought this tool yet, you are definitely missing out.

But, it is not just the straight edge razor you will need to buy. There are also some important accessories that you will need to purchase in order to maintain the razor and keep the blade in good condition. Let’s take a look at them.

A Strop

First on the list is a strop. This is going to be a very important accessory you want to purchase with a straight edge razor, and it will be necessary to maintain the blade. In particular, a strop is a piece of leather and it is going to be used to sharpen the blade when it comes blunt after many uses. After all, you want to ensure that the blade remains sharp so that it can deliver the best shave.

There are some straight edge razors that are going to come with a strop. But, you might be best to purchase the whole kit so you have everything you need. Visit https://www.cutthroatclub.com/collections/shaving-kits to take a look at the available options. Cut Throat Club offers a variety of high-quality shaving tools you can use to enjoy a clean shave.

Shaving Soap

Next on the list is shaving soap. If you intend on using a straight edge razor, you are going to have to prepare the skin before you shave. In particular, it is going to help when you use a bar of shaving soap. This can be easily applied to the skin, and it provides some protection. It will allow the blade to slide over the skin in a way that is comfortable and achieves the best shaving results.

In particular, you are going to benefit from a good shaving soap if you have sensitive skin. This will help to avoid irritation and redness. In particular, there are some ingredients you want to look out for, such as lanolin. This is good for the skin and keeps it soft.

Stropping Paste

We have discussed that a strop is going to be a very important accessory to buy with a straight edge razor. Indeed, you want to keep the blade as sharp as possible so that you can enjoy a close and comfortable shave. But, something else you have to consider is that the leather strop you have is going to get worn over time. We are talking about cracks being created. This does not mean that you should buy a new one. It just means that you have to maintain the strop too.

The best way to do this is to use a stropping paste. Therefore, it should be an accessory to add to your list. All you have to do is use a small amount of this paste. You can apply it to the strop before you use it on the blade. This is going to help maintain the leather and allow it to be kept in good condition. It is simple but effective, protecting your investment.

A Leather Pouch

Let’s not forget that you want to keep your straight razor safe when it is not in use. So, the best thing you can buy for this is a leather pouch. This way, you can put the razor in here when it is not being used, and it is not going to endanger anyone. What’s more, when the pouch is made from real leather, this can ensure that the blade does not get damaged.

Therefore, the last accessory you should consider buying is a leather pouch. This is a good investment for safety and to take care of the blade. Sometimes, a straight razor will come with one of these. So, if it does, make sure that you keep it.